Books listed by Author:

  1. Adams, Carolyn Lee (Ruthless)

  2. Alender, Katie (The dead girls of Hysteria Hall)

  3. Anastasiu, Heather and Brown, Anne Greenwood (Girl Last Seen)

  4. Applegate, Anne (The Last Academy)

  5. Bardugo, Leigh  (Shadow and Bone)

  6. Berry, Julie (The Passion of Dolssa)

  7. Bosworth, Jennifer (The Killing Jar)

  8. Brown, Pierce (Red Rising)

  9. Carey, M.R. (The Girl With All The Gifts)

  10. Chupeco, Rin  (The Girl from the Well)

  11. Connelly, MarcyKate (Monstrous)

  12. Fiore, Kelly (Thicker Thank Water)

  13. Gray, Lucinda (The Gilded Cage)

  14. Johnston, E.K. (A Thousand Nights)

  15. Hardinge, Frances (Cuckoo’s Song)

  16. Heilig, Heidi  (The Girl From Everywhere)

  17. Lamana, Julie T. (Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere)

  18. Maberry, Jonathan (Rot & Ruin)

  19. McKay, Sharon & LaFrance, Daniel (War Brothers: the Graphic Novel) 

  20. Medina, Meg (Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass)

  21. Nielsen, Jennifer A. (Scourge)

  22. Plum-Ucci, Carol (The Body of Christopher Creed)

  23. Raybourn, Deanna (A Curious Beginning)

  24. Reynolds, Jason & Kiely, Brendan (All American Boys)

  25. Richardson, Mike and Sakai, Stan [illustrator] (47 Ronin)

  26. Riordan, Rick (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer)

  27. Schlitz, Laura Amy (The Hired Girl)

  28. Sedgwick, Marcus (Midwinterblood)

  29. Sigler, Scott (Alive)

  30. Sniegoski, Thomas (Savage)

  31. Spinale, Wendy (Everland)

  32. Stolarz, Laurie Faria (Welcome to the Dark House)

  33. Taylor, Andrew (The Silent Boy)

  34. Vincent, Rachel (The Stars Never Rise) 

  35. Wooding, Chris (Silver)

  36. Yancy, Rick (The 5th Wave)

Books listed by Genre: